Pro Snore II Review: Is it Worthy of Consideration?

Pro snore II is another mandibular advancement device that is used to control the rattling and disturbing sound of snore. It is an adjustable oral device and it is custom made to fit in the mouth in a laboratory. It is made up of plastic and is smooth with barely visible in the mouth when you fix it in.

It is another comfortable, elegant and worth using device that is in use by the public for its various significant properties. This whole design was renewed and then it grasps the market and the results came out very positive. The new design is worth considering.

How it works?

Mandibular advancement devices are quite reasonable solutions in case of snoring. It stops snoring by holding the lower jaw in a forward direction. This keeps your airway passage free of obstruction. If you are new user to this device than you might get bit discomfort, just because it is new to your mouth. When you fall asleep, gravity pulls your jaw back toward your throat. This allows soft tissues to become close enough to vibrate as air passes through. It is the vibration that causes the snoring. So, by holding your jaw forward it solves this problem.

How it fits?

In the kit you will find an upper tray and a lower tray, and they are both clearly labeled. You will place the molding clay in the trays according to the directions and then insert them into your mouth to take an impression. Carefully remove and send to the lab in the prepaid package. You will receive your device back in about two to three weeks. The entire process generally takes around four weeks. It takes some time to get used to wearing any mouthpiece for snoring relief, but when you do you’ll be happy with the results. Mouthpieces aren’t one size fits all. Each individual’s mouth is unique. This product requires that you take a mold of your teeth and send it to their dental lab where they send you back a product that is molded to your exact specifications. This ensures that your mouthpiece is right for you.

Pros of this device:

Following are some of its benefits:

  • The air hole in it let you to breathe through your mouth.
  • It is molded in lab for a custom fit.
  • It has smooth and clear plastic that is hardly visible when you fix it in mouth.
  • It is easy to wear.
  • It has Snap setting design that allows micro adjustments to be made in lower jaw positioning.

Negative points of this device:

Following are the negative points to this device:

  • This device is more expensive than other devices available in the market.
  • There is no mention or verification of FDA clarification.
  • It cannot be worn by denture wearers.
  • It will promote drooling when you first wear it.



I bought this in November of 2009 and use it almost every night. I had previously bought one in the $55 range, but that was just a waste of money. It was a boil-in-the-pot types, and as I said, a waste of money.

I then tried again, because my snoring was keeping others from sleeping, sometimes even rooms away. Even though this one was 3 times the cost, it was worth every bit. My snoring hasn’t ‘stopped’, but has significantly subsided


One thing that helped us is on on the right side there is eBay feedback link that they have received on eBay and it is really good! Go in and read that and it might surprise you. Anyways he might just be really happy about the product like me and my friend.  It really works it is amazing. I would suggest it to anyone that wants a cure for snoring.


The price of this device is a bit high that is $139.99 including the medical device excise tax. There are many discounts and coupons available on the official site of it as well. You can avail those offers well.  If you feel nervous or you do not want to rely upon it then this device comes with a 30 days money back guarantee so you do not have to get worried.


This is a new version of Prosnore II and thus it is much better than the original one. It is easy to use and really comfortable as well. It is made up of plastic that will fix in your mouth easily without harming your jaws. It is a great option especially for those who are having obstructive sleep mania. The good thing about this is that you can fix it up to size that you want, by giving your size to the lab and they will deliver it to you accordingly.

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Pro Snore II Review: Is it Worthy of Consideration?

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